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Susan Harelson

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About Me

Educational; Background & Experience

BA from Colorado State in English Education

MA from University of Southern Mississippi in Teaching Languages, with an emphasis in Spanish

Blevins ELD teacher 2000-present, Spanish teacher 2018- present

Favorite Part About Teaching

My favorite part about teaching is solving problems with students- each day is like a new puzzle to figure out how to best help kids learn.

Interests & Hobbies Outside of School

When I'm not in school, I practice yoga and train for triathlons. I also love reading and writing, and I'm working on writing a series of mystery novels.

Courses Currently Teaching at Blevins

World Language explorations, grade 6

Spanish 1A- 7th grade

Spanish 1- 8th grade

ELD- English Language Development for students learning English as another language in 6th, 7th and 8th.


About me

I have always been fascinated by language, and how people learn languages. I was lucky enough to be in a bilingual kindergarten, and become fluent in Spanish, at least as fluent as a 5 year old needs to be. Ever since, I have been working on learning more Spanish, along with a little French, and of course, English. After I graduated from CSU with an English degree, I decided to get my master's in teaching languages with an emphasis in Spanish. This education prepared me for teaching students who come from a non-English speaking background. I have worked for more than 20 years supporting students in becoming successful in school by learning English.


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