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Welcome to the Blevins Library!

The Blevins Middle School Library strives to provide a safe, warm, and welcoming atmosphere that encourages learning and fosters a life-long love of reading.

Library Hours

Monday through Friday from 7:40 am to 3:10 pm

Students may come to the library:

  • BEFORE school from 7:40 am.  Students will need to get a pass in the auditeria from an administrator.
  • At LUNCH instead of going out to Rec, students may come to the library after eating.  Students must come to the library BEFORE their lunch begins to get a pass from Mrs. Duke.
  • AFTER school to quickly check-out, renew or return a book. 
  • During CLASS with a pass from their teacher to check out or return books, or to work quietly and independently. 
  • For HOMEWORK HELP which is held in the library every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:00 to 4:00.  No pass necessary.


Students may check out 1 or 2 books for 3 weeks.  If they have not finished the book in that time they may renew it for another 3 weeks (with the exception of graphic novels and new books, which can not be renewed).  If a student does not return or renew a book by the due date, a fine of 10 cents per day, per book will be assessed.  If a book is damaged, a damage fine will be assessed dependent on the amount of damage, from $1.00 through the entire replacement cost.  Lost books will need to be paid for. 


Choosing books for middle school can be challenging.  What might be interesting and appropriate for an 8th grader may not be interesting and/or appropriate for a 6th grader.  Mrs. Duke puts a lot of time and effort into choosing books for the Blevins Library.  Parents are encouraged to talk to their student(s) about their library books.  (See the menu item "Reading Recommendations" for help at home.)  Some books may have a "Content Warning" label on the cover for heavy violence, sexual situations and/or strong language.  
Books are chosen for the Blevins Library to support curriculum, engender high interest, and encourage reading for information and enjoyment.


Beccie Duke - Librarian
Phone:  970-488-4014
Blog:  Read Me, Maybe - a book review blog for parents and students

Wendy Eades - District IT