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Colorado Academic Standards - Mathematics

Welcome to Blevins Middle School Math page! We have an outstanding Math program and would like to share some information about our Math pathways and philosophy.

It’s all about growth.  We value academic achievement and growth in math.  We have high standards and very high achieving students.  Equally important is student growth over the course of the school year.  It doesn’t matter where you start, it matters how much you grow.

Go slow to go fast.  Finding the right level of challenge is important.  We have accelerated pathways for once and twice accelerated students. Gaining a solid foundation of middle school math skills will ensure the best chance for success in Algebra and high school math. 

In 6th grade, students have two course options.  Math 6 is a grade level math course.  Math 7/8 is a twice accelerated class that compacts three years of math standards into two school years.  

In 7th grade, students have the opportunity to take Math 7/8 as a once accelerated class.  

Middle School Algebra and Geometry are high school equivalent courses.  Students have the option to include their middle school grades in their high school transcripts.  

All Blevins pathways allow students going to Rocky Mountain High School the opportunity to get to Calculus if they choose.

What course should I be in?  Achievement scores are a starting point for course placement.  We consider a variety of data and inputs to put students in the best position to grow and succeed.  We consider:

  • MAP and CMAS scores
  • Inputs from previous year including from teachers
  • Inputs from parents and students

In 2016 PSD adopted the Big Ideas Math series for Math 6 through Algebra 2 in high school.  Students have access to physical textbook as well as textbook online with lots of online resources and support materials.


If you have questions, please feel free to contact us!

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