Inspire Every One, Every Day

8th Grade Team

Blevins Middle School

8th Grade Supplies

2023-2024 School Year



      3-ring binder or 1 accordion folder with dividing sections or 1 individual folder per class

      1 package of 8–12-tab PLASTIC subject dividers (if you chose a 3-ring binder above)

      1 zipped pencil pouch

      3 packages of pencils

      Earbuds or headphones (teacher permission to use in the classroom with laptops--labeled.

      (Must have wire attachment. Bluetooth devices are not allowed.)

      4 composition notebook (5 if you have Spanish)

      1 scientific calculator (please label your child’s name with a Sharpie)

      1 package of sticky notes  

      1 package of tape for tape dispensers

      1+ box of Kleenex 

      3+ glue sticks



      Colored pencils

      Markers (no Sharpies)



      Notebook paper


      Graph paper

      Water bottle


Donation Items:

      Dry erase markers

      Sticky notes

      Jolly Ranchers (for class rewards)

      Dum Dums (for class rewards)

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