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Blevins Attendance

ATTENDANCE: 24-hour attendance line #488-4044


If your child is absent from school, a parent must call the 24-hour attendance line before 8:30 am. The telephone number is 488-4044. The line is open 24 hours every day. The absence will be unexcused until either we receive a phone call or a note from a parent/guardian to excuse the absence. If a call is not received, parents will receive an automated phone call from PSD in the evening, letting  you know which  periods your student was marked Unexcused.

MAKE-UP WORK: You are provided two days for each school day missed to make up work for an excused absence. It is the student’s responsibility to contact teachers to request homework upon returning. If students are absent 3 days or longer please call 488-4044 before 8:30 to request homework. When requesting homework, 24 hours advance notice to the office must be given. Make-up work for suspended students will be allowed and will be given credit provided the work is completed satisfactorily within a teacher specified time. Absences will be identified as excused or unexcused by the administration. Absences, whether legitimate or unexcused, will most likely negatively impact a student’s performance and grades in all classes. Valuable classroom instruction cannot easily be duplicated outside of the classroom.

EXCUSED vs. UNEXCUSED Absences:  An unexcused absence is considered truancy. Absences will be determined “excused” or “unexcused” based on communication between our attendance office and the parents. An administrator reserves the right to determine whether an absence is excused or unexcused. Truancy exists when a student is absent from school without the permission of parents, or guardian, or the school. The following shall be considered excused absences: 1. A student, who is ill, injured, or whose absence is pre-approved by the school’s administrator. Prearranged absences shall be approved for appointments or circumstances of a SERIOUS NATURE ONLY, which cannot be taken care of outside school hours. 2. A student who is absent for an extended period due to physical, mental, or emotional disability. 3. A student who is attending any school-sponsored activity with advance approval by the administration. 4. Funerals The district may require suitable proof regarding the above exceptions, including written statements from medical sources. PRE-EXCUSED ABSENCES: If your parent knows in advance when you will be absent, written notification should be given to the attendance office before the school day starts. The student is responsible for notifying each teacher of the upcoming absence and doing the work ahead of time if requested. There is NO designated “ditch day” sanctioned by the school.  An unexcused absence is defined as an absence that is not covered by one of the foregoing exceptions. Each unexcused absence shall be entered on the student’s record. In conjunction with PSD, Blevins will enforce the following guidelines regarding truancy. **If attendance letters are returned as undeliverable the school will initiate a home visit

4 Unexcused full day Absences                  1st Attendance Letter will be sent home

8 Unexcused full day Absences                  2nd Attendance Letter will be sent home

10 Unexcused full day Absences                Parent Conference with an administrator (If parent/guardian is unable or unwilling to participate in a conference the school will conduct a home visit)

12 Unexcused full day Absences                Attendance Review Board

15 Unexcused full day Absences                Referral to Truancy Officer

EARLY CHECKOUT FOR APPOINTMENTS: Your parent can arrange for an early dismissal from school when you need to go to a medical or dental appointment during school hours. Parents may call the front desk or the Attendance line to let us know what time the student will be picked-up.  An e-Hallpass will be given to the student to summon them to the front office at the correct time.. 

TARDINESS GUIDELINES: A student’s educational success is impacted when he/she misses valuable instructional time. Also, when a student is late to class, it is a disruption to the educational process for the students who are in class. Therefore, it is expected that Blevins students will arrive to class in on time. Tardies are to be handled by the sending and/or receiving teachers. Unexcused and excused tardiness will be determined by communication between our teachers, attendance office and our parents (for 1st/2nd periods only by either written or verbal communication). Final Determination of unexcused or excused tardiness resides with an administrator. Students tardy to 1st period should report directly to class prior to 8:15. After, 8:15, students should check into the front office. Tardies Consequences

1 st Tardy                     Warning

2 nd Tardy                    Warning

3 rd Tardy                     Warning and call by teacher to parent

4 th Tardy                     Warning and call by teacher to parent

5 th Tardy                     Teacher-assigned detention and call by teacher to parent

6 th Tardy                     Repeat for 5th

7 th Tardy                     Office referral

8 th Tardy                     8 or more tardies- continue with referrals