Inspire Every One, Every Day

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Inspire Every One, Every Day

P.E./Health Department

Colorado Academic Standards - Physical Education & Health

Physical Education/Fitness Rules and Procedures 

General Guidelines:

Each student must have proper PE clothes that have not been worn to school for other classes. The following apparel is not allowed in PE class:  tank tops, crop shirts, mesh shirts, low cut collars, button shirts, jean shorts, cut-off shorts, muscle shirts

Reading/writing will be an integral part of physical education and all essential material will be provided.

Jewelry is a safety hazard when actively involved with others and may not be worn during class.  Jewelry should be removed before class.  Each infraction will result in a loss of daily points.

Locks and lockers will be assigned to students, and changes may be made only with the permission of the locker room supervisor.  Each student is responsible for his or her own lock and lockers, and combinations should not be given out to anyone.

Food and drinks should be consumed outside of the gym and locker room areas.  Any food or drink brought into these areas will be taken away.  Any student who chooses to repeatedly ignore this rule will no longer be allowed in the locker room.

Clothing should be taken home and washed at least once a week.

Class Rules:

Each student should be dressed out for class in the proper clothing everyday unless told otherwise.  Students who do not have their clothes will be encouraged to find other clothing, or take a no-dress.  If a student chooses to take a no-dress, they are still expected to participate in the activities.

First time = warning (if not able to participate, alternative work will be assigned.)

2nd through 5th time = (Interventions will take place and work habit grades will be affected.)

Each time thereafter = (work habits affected –office referral for further intervention.)

Attendance is extremely important in this class. 

A doctor’s note is REQUIRED and needs to be detailed for injuries and sickness that will hold you out of participating in daily PE activities. (Alternative assignments will be provided for those unable to participate.)

If sick/injured and in school (without a dr.’s note), students are still expected to perform to the best of their ability.  Teacher will modify activities/expectations.

Other work (i.e. written material) may be assigned for extended non-participation to receive credit.

Each time you are absent you will need to make up your unit assessment points. 

A minimum of 30 minutes of exercise is required to make up an excused absence.

Forms are available in both gyms or you may ask your teacher for a form to be filled out with a parent signature.


Unexcused tardy = Work habit grades will be affected.  Excused = Must have a pass.

See Student Handbook for detention policies for excessive tardiness.

Students are to use equipment only when told to do so, and should refrain from participating in any activity unless given permission by the class instructor.  Proper handling of the equipment and behavior is expected at all times.  Any student who chooses to misuse/destroy any equipment will loose privileges to use the equipment.

Absolutely NO disrespect to others is allowed.

Water bottles recommended for all activities.  It is the student’s responsibility to put these in a safe place and is out of the way of activity.

Know and be expected to perform the proper procedure for emergency situations discussed in class.


Students will be given assessment grades and work habit grades as follows:

4 = Advanced

3 = Proficient

2 = Partially Proficient

1 = In Progress

I = Insufficient evidence

Blevins P.E. Activity Schedule:

Badminton Frisbee Golf Softball
Basketball Hockey Tennis
Climbing Wall Lacrosse Ultimate Frisbee
Flag Football Pickleball/Paddleball Volleyball
Flag Rugby Soccer 6th Grade Biking Unit

Fitness Testing:

Pacer-Aerobic Capacity Curl-Ups Muscular Strength/Endurance Sit and Reach Flexibility
Push-Ups Muscular Strength/Endurance Trunk Lift Muscular Strength/Endurance Shoulder Stretch Flexibility


PSD does not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, veteran status, age or disability in access or admission to, or treatment or employment in, its programs or activities. A lack of English speaking skills will not be a barrier to admission or participation.