Blevins Middle School

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World Language Department

Colorado Academic Standards - World Language

6th Grade - World Language Exploration:

This class is designed to introduce students to the beginning learning phases of the language such as greetings, basic phrases, numbers and culture. It is a quarter long class comprised of:

1 week: Understanding general concepts of languages and cultures
4 weeks: Spanish
4 weeks: French

8th Grade - Spanish 1 (As of Fall 2015: previously 7th 1A and 8th 1B combined, all completed in one year).  

Students are introduced to vocabulary and structures. Activities include dialogs, novice readings, listening selections and written communication. Students experience language through the study of cultures while making connections and comparisons to their native language and developing communication skills in the target language. The study of a world language prepares students to compete in a global community!

Spanish 1 curriculum

Successful completion of this course carries the option to receive high school credit while still in middle school

Each student is assigned a computer online account they can access from anywhere. Parents can access their students’ account with their students’ username and password.
Each online account includes the following and the teacher will assign online activities for the student to complete:

  • Online textbook
  • Online activities from the textbook that provide the student hints, help and unlimited attempts until they complete it successfully
  • Short videos to view and listen then respond to activities.
  • Authentic listening scenarios
  • Opportunities to respond orally and have it recorded
  • Grammatical tutorials

What if we do not have access to a computer or internet at home?  Students are usually given ample time to complete the majority of the online assignments during class time.  If he/she does not finish the assignment, it becomes homework that can be completed before school, after school or during the lunch period on a school computer. Students are also encouraged to arrange computer access with a friend, relative or neighbor. In extreme cases, there are paper textbooks available and the student can do many of the activities on paper but it is not as effective as having the computer's multiple attempts, hints and corrections.

How can I help my student if I don’t speak Spanish?  The following is a list of easy, quick things you can do to help your student be more successful:

Please do not: go out and spend money on computer programs, tutors, or dictionaries. In most cases, these just represent more work for your student to do. It is more helpful if you just make sure they do the work assigned in class. If they need more tutoring, it is preferable that they go to the teacher for extra help.

Please do:

  • Make sure they do the homework every day
  • Check student planner every day
  • Have student make flash cards
  • Quiz them with flash cards
  • Say English, student says foreign word and spells it
  • Read English from vocabulary sheet, student says and spells words
  • Look at student notebook or Vista online activities, have student re-do parts of assignments they made mistakes on
  • Look at workbook and have student translate sentences back to English for you
  • Have student teach you what he/she is learning in class
  • Have student practice a little every night!