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Ms. Susan Harelson

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BA from Colorado State in English Education

MA from University of Southern Mississippi in Teaching Languages, with an emphasis in Spanish

Blevins ELA teacher 2000-present

Favorite Part About Teaching:: 

My favorite part about teaching is solving problems with students- each day is like a new puzzle to figure out how to best help kids learn.

Interests & Hobbies Outside of School:: 

Yoga,  Tae Kwan do, reading, cooking and gardening.

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ELO- English Language Development

7th and 8th grade Spanish Explorations

English Language Development partnering with teachers

About Me:: 

I partner with teachers at all three grade levels to teach English to students who know other languages and are perfecting their academic language.  I work with science, social studies, math and language arts teachers to help ensure that students are able to be successful in their classes.  I am bilingual in English and Spanish, although we have students from many countries and with numerous language backgrounds.

I am also returning to teaching Spanish with our Spanish Explorations class, a semester-long elective for 7th and 8th graders. We use the Comprehensible Input approach to learning, with conversations, stories and songs to build Spanish comprehension.