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My bachelor's degree in Elementary Education was attained from Peru State College in Peru, Nebraska and my master's degree in Educational Administrations and Policy Studies is from the University of Denver in Denver, Colorado.  I am a proud first-generation college student and it thrills me to provide the same kind of encouragement to students in middle school.  

Teaching:  Fifth (all subjects); Sixth (Reading, Language Arts, Math, Social Studies); Seventh (Geography); Eighth (Reading).  Coordinator:  Gifted & Talented; RtI (Response to Intervention).  Assistant Principal (middle school).

Favorite Part About Teaching:: 

Watching the kids grow mentally and physically-it can be a real shock to see a kid grow many inches over a three-year period.  The emotional maturity is one that is a hard one to see, but very exciting when a kid has a proud break through when working a situation with support from adults.  

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Oh, you can see me reading books, playing video games and wasting time watching tv during the winter months. In the summer, my husband and I are learning the bike trails around Fort Collins and enjoy the local businesses while soaking up some sunshine.  My adult children live nearby so it is always great to see them.  Our pet, Murphy (Welsh Terrier) does keep us busy with her demands, but we enjoy her.  We try to visit our family in Ohio, Kentucky and Massachusetts as much as possible.  Once in a while we get to travel and explore new cities.  Our favorite sport to watch is soccer and our team is the Tottenham Hotspurs. #COYS

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This is my 22nd year in education and I am passionate about creating an environment for students where they feel safe, valued, and challenged to excel.   It is with great pride to say that this was instilled in me growing up in the Midwest (Beavercreek, Ohio).  Both of my parents showed me that a strong work ethic combined with kindness is a satisfying way to navigate this world.  Prior to my role as Principal of Blevins, I have served as an Assistant Principal in Academy School District 20 in Colorado Springs, CO as well as a teacher in Falcon, CO of Fifth, Sixth, Seventh and Eighth grade students which help my understanding of the middle school mind and the transitions they face.  Middle school is about teaching the whole child; it's 50 percent academic learning and 50 percent social and emotional learning.  So it is important to balance those and encourage kids to explore and get involved so they feel like they truly belong to the community.  Poudre School District recognizes the importance of education combined with connected opportunities for students and staff to grow and learn in a supportive, positive environment.  

I want to lead by example, so that every day students know that somebody cares about them.  My staff has heard me say many times, "Loving kids, working hard, and having fun are the three main ingredients you need to run a middle school".  

It is my honor to serve as the first female principal at T.R. Blevins Middle School and I invite you to reach out to me anytime!