Blevins Middle School

It's All Good in the Neighborhood

Technology & Robotics

Classes Offered:

6th Grade: Intro to Technology

                  Web Design 2.0

7th & 8th Grade: Exploring Technology

                         Robotic Engineering

                         Computer Gaming & Digital Tech

                         Web Design

8th Grade: Applications in Technology

Extra Curricular: Lego Robotics Club (Fall)

Web Design & Digital Technology

Students taking web design or digital technology will progressively learn how to use various softwares and computer technologies. They progress from the basics of Google Docs, Blogging and Podcasting to graphics and web designing software such as: Fireworks, Flash and Dreamweaver. Students in 7th & 8th Grade also have the opportunity to take a Computer Gaming Class in which they learn video game programming, digital video production, advanced Web 2.0 technology, global collaboration, and geographic information systems (Google Earth).


Technology students do many hands on projects using the engineering cylce to Investigate, Plan, Create and Evaluate a solution to a problem.

Investigate Phase: students clearly define the problem and research applicable science concepts, useable materials and pre-existing solutions.

Planning Phase: students incorporate the advantages of the preexisitng solutions, useable materials and understanding of science to design models by making an orthographic drawing.

Create (Building) Phase: students learn how to safely use tools in the shop and how to work with various materials to obatin the desired result.

Evaluate Phase: students test their projects to learn the advantages and disadvantages of the different models and apply their learning to the next design.

Robotic Engineering

Students use NXT Lego Robotic kits for exploration. They experience building several different robot models and learn how to effectively build robots to use touch, light, ultrasonic, rotation and sound sensors. The scientific concepts and the mathematical equations students learn to use the sensors enables them to program the robots to perform various autonomous tasks.