Blevins Middle School

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Please bring the following documents to enroll your student(s): Birth Certificate or passport, immunization records, address verification and the most recent report card or transcript. Below you will find enrollment forms, registration forms, health and immunization information, and course description guides. These forms are also available with our Registrar in Student Services. If you have any questions, please contact Student Services at 970-488-4008.

2018-19 Enrollment 

Student Enrollment Form -English 

Student Enrollment Form -Spanish 

Custody Form 2018-19

2018-19 Immunization Requirements -English/Spanish

2018-19 6th Grade Course Selection form 

2018-19 6th Grade Course Selection form -Spanish 

2018-19 7th Grade Course Selection form 

2018-19 7th Grade Course Selection form -Spanish 

2018-19 8th Grade Course Selection form 

2018-19 8th Grade Course Selection form -Spanish 

2018-19 Home Language Form 

2018-19 Home Language Form -Spanish 

2019-20 Enrollment 

2019-20 Home Language Form -English 

2019-20 Home Language Form -Spanish

2019-20 Immunization Requirements -English

2019-20 Immunization Requirements -Spanish 

2019-20 6th Grade Course Selection Form

2019-20 6th Grade Course Selection  Form -Spanish 

2019-20 7th Grade Course Selection Form 

2019-20 7th Grade Course Selection Form -Spanish 

2019-20 8th Grade Course Selection Form 

2019-20 8th Grade Course Selection Form -Spanish

2019-20 Elective Descriptions