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Parent/Student VUE

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ParentVUE is a wonderful tool allowing parents/guardians to support their student(s) as they manage their school tasks and encourage them in their path to success. ParentVue has many features that include: Calendar of Assignments, Attendance, Class Schedule, Course History, Fees and Grade Book.

Although there are several features attached to the ParentVue portal, the feature that receives the most attention is the Grade Book feature.  When you access the ParentVUE Grade Book System or receive a report card, please note that the report is designed to inform you about your student’s progress towards achieving the Colorado Academic Standards. The Colorado Academic Standards establish high and challenging expectations for all students and describe what students should know and be able to do. Colorado Academic Standards serve as the basis for curriculum, instruction, and assessment in Colorado’s public schools. However, a report card or grading system cannot communicate everything you may want to know about a child’s progress. A reporting system should be considered with other information you receive from the school.  Communication between the family and school staff is highly encouraged. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your student’s teacher(s).

Additionally, the Grade Book feature is a great tool and has many benefits that can help you help your student(s) manage and track classroom assessments and practice. However, please remember that this is only a tool and that ParentVue/Grade Book is a software program that organizes and represents data/scores based on human input(s), both of students turning in their work, redoing work, late work, no-name work and teachers then entering the results into the system. The ParentVue/Grade Book communicates a “work in progress,” and is not a report card.  If your student is missing a practice assignment and/or assessment score, first check with your student to see if they know why a grade is missing, if they have turned in the practice assignment or taken the assessment. Because there are several reasons why a grade may not be listed (not turned in, no name, a retake is being allowed, teacher has not posted, etc.), please be patient and ask questions. If questions remain, please contact the student’s teacher for more details/clarification.

ParentVue allows parents and guardians the ability to setup the system to send emails based on certain grade criteria (i.e. whenever a grade falls below a certain level). Some parents/guardians set up the system to email whenever a grade is changed or entered. Blevins encourages you not to do this. In doing so, you can become frustrated and find yourself interacting with many emails and a less-than-perfect notification system based on human action. Blevins also encourages you to not hold your student accountable until grades are verified either be your student or by the teacher. For example: don’t take privileges away from your student until grades are confirmed. Remember, teachers work with a whole grading period in mind and in accordance with the Standards Based Grading. Therefore, students should be progressing throughout the grading period. It is not uncommon for students to score low initially on a unit or grading period and become stronger as the unit or grading period progresses. 

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