Blevins Middle School

It's All Good in the Neighborhood

Traffic Information/Transportation

The Blevins parking and student drop-off system.

Traffic Flow Map

2017-18 PSD  Middle School Bus Schedule

This plan provides a safer environment for both students and drivers and will improve the traffic flow in and around our school.
Features of the system:
• Student drop-off/pick-up circle located on the west side of the building (near the tennis courts) with drop-off and thru lanes to assist traffic flow. Access is from the north side of Blevins on Bruin Drive.
• Large parking area for parents/guardians and other visitors, located on the west side of the building.
• West entrance (by the drop-off circle) open for students entering and leaving school and for parents/guardians parking in the west visitor lot.
• Left-turn and right-turn lanes from Bruin Drive to ease traffic flow onto Taft Hill Road.
• Bicycle rack for students, away from traffic.
• Staff parking with integrated school bus unloading/loading in the front of the building (no student drop-off/pick-up).
• A few spaces for visitor parking and handicap parking on Taft Hill Road by the pedestrian traffic light.

Advantages of the system:
• A safer environment for students coming to, and leaving from, Blevins Middle School.
• Improved traffic flow pattern minimizing interaction between drivers/students and buses.
• Improved traffic flow pattern onto Taft Hill Road
• Increased parking areas for parents and visitors during the school day and for athletics and special events.

Guidelines for Parents:
• To drop off and pick up students, pull into the north entrance (Bruin Drive) and drive to the drop-off/pick-up circle on the west side of the building.
• When visiting the school, park in one of the few designated spaces in the front of the school on Taft Hill Road (enter school at front entrance) OR park in the visitor section on the west side of the building and enter the school from the front entrance.
• Please do not drop off or pick up students from the staff parking lot/bus zone in the front (southeast) side of the building, or in the front of the building along Taft Hill Road. Remember that Taft Hill Road is designated as a No U-Turn zone.

Guidelines for Students:
• Enter the building either through the west entrance (lunch time entrance), or through the main entrance in the front of the building.
• Park your bike in the bike rack on the west side of the building. Ride your bike on the outer sidewalks—not on the sidewalks adjacent to the building, the grass, or where pedestrians are walking.

Guidelines for Buses and Staff:
• Buses will unload and load in the front lot, specifically designed for bus accessibility and staff will park in the front lot of the building.

Please call 488-4000 if you have questions.