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PSD Media Non-Permission Form

PSD Media Non-Permission Form, English or Spanish

The following information comes from Poudre School District. If you wish to opt your student out of any of the following, please click the link above and download the form. Once you have filled it out, please return to the Blevins Middle School Front Office as soon as possible.

Photos, Articles and Videos Featuring Students Published in Print and Electronic Media:

Poudre School District activities and events are occasionally photographed or filmed/video recorded, or students are interviewed by PSD staff. No confidential student information will be posted.

Information and photos published about students on the PSD district and school websites meet the following criteria:

Students’ first and last names may be included in written articles, videos and school work related to curricular and school activities.
Students will not be identified in photos on the district website. However, articles about individual students may include a photo that identifies the student.
School websites may opt to identify students in photos (it is a site-based decision).
Articles, photos and videos featuring students on the PSD website may be linked to PSD social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Access to Internet and Electronic Mail:

Poudre School District recognizes the Internet’s value regarding research, information and communication. PSD gives Internet access to students to use as an academic resource and means of communication. PSD students often use the Internet to complete class assignments and projects.

PSD takes measures to limit student access to Internet content inappropriate for the school environment. In addition, students are expected to adhere to strict guidelines for use of the Internet and electronic mail, as defined in the PSD Code of Conduct.