Blevins Middle School

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Homework Philosophy

Blevins Homework Philosophy

At Blevins, parents/guardians and students can expect one (1) to one and one-half (1 ½) hours of homework per school day. Occasionally additional time may be needed to complete special projects for a specific class. Most schoolwork is initiated within the classroom to provide students opportunity to confer with their teacher should they have questions about the class work.  Schoolwork that is to be completed at home is designed to provide independent practice of newly learned material and to have students prepare for the next day’s lessons. Completion of homework assists students to learn valuable skills in time management, organizational skills and personal commitment. The completion of homework on a regular basis is a demonstration of one of the Blevins Successful Student Characteristics.

The following is a general breakdown of what parents/guardians and students can expect:

English – 45 minutes (30 minutes of reading)
Math – 30 minutes
Science – 15 minutes
History – 15 minutes
Band/Orchestra Students – 30 minutes

The Blevins staff understands and observes the many activities that students engage in outside of the school day. The balance of schoolwork and these activities is identified as an important factor in a students ability to explore successful life skills. However, completion of homework is recognized as a priority over outside-of-school activities. 

It is important for parents/guardians and students to regularly check ParentVUE and StudentVUE.  Students should be taking responsibility for determining how much practice/review they need to be doing for homework.