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ELO Classes

Jazz Band

Objectives: Each student will:

  • Learn technique and terminology for intermediate/advanced jazz band performance;
  • Develop skills necessary to perform alone or in a group;
  • Learn appropriate etiquette both as a performer and listener;
  • Perform to the best of their ability;
  • Develop music-reading and sight-reading abilities;
  • Achieve a high level of performance through the development of tone quality, intonation, style, technique, balance, and blend appropriate to an intermediate/advanced jazz ensemble;
  • Increase musical understanding through the study of composers, music history, and the music of other cultures.

Jazz Orchestra:

Students will explore a variety of “alternative” performance styles for the orchestra.  These “alternative” styles include jazz, swing, blues, rock, country, and folk music.  Students who enroll for this course must already play an instrument of the orchestra (violin, viola, cello, or string bass).  Students in 6th grade can enroll, but they should talk with the teacher to make sure they are ready for the material.  This group will perform in required concerts.

Music in the Movies:  A Survey of Opera, Musical Theatre, and Film Music

Students will explore the ways that movie music has been influenced by opera and musical theatre.  Students will learn how music is used to enhance the story told in a movie, and will view selected videos showing examples of opera, musical theatre, and film music.  The activities in this course are designed to capitalize on a student’s natural interest in films to teach valuable lessons in critical thinking and creative writing, and to develop visual and music literacy skills. 

ELO Music in the Movies

Summer Music Program

The summer beginning band and orchestra program is a three week entry into the wonderful world of middle school band and orchestra.  More information will be coming for summer music programs in 2020.

Beginning Summer Music - English

Intermediate Summer Music - English

Advanced Summer Music - English

Beginning Summer Music - Spanish

Intermediate Summer Music - Spanish

Advanced Summer Music - Spanish