Blevins Middle School

It's All Good in the Neighborhood

Integrated Services and SED Program

The Blevins Integrated Services Department serves students with a wide variety of learning needs. Our goal is to provide all students with the support and tools necessary to be successful, independent students and citizens. The I.S. Department at Blevins includes a broad spectrum of support for students who have Individualized Education Plans, ranging from a resource level to extensive needs. District-wide programs that are unique to Blevins include a center-based program for students identified with a Serious Emotional Disability as well as a Multi-Categorical program for students identified with a need for intensive support. Within the department there are five Integrated Services teachers, a social worker, a school psychologist, a speech therapist, an occupational therapist, and paraprofessionals who assist the teachers with in-classroom support.  The department integrates students with Individualized Education Plans into the general education setting to the maximum extent possible. Blevins’ Integrated Services team members strive to meet Poudre School District’s goal of partnering to achieve academic goals and realize meaningful outcomes for all students.   

SED Program

The SED program at Blevins Middle School is a district-wide program that serves students who have extensive emotional, behavioral and relational challenges, which may impact their ability to be successful at school.  We provide every student with a safe and positive learning environment that reveals students’ potentials, cultivates self-worth, respect for others, and the desire to learn. Our program offers direct instruction in emotion regulation, social skills, study skills, anger management, conflict resolution, problem-solving, goal setting, organization and time management, as well as academic support for all subjects.

The key elements of the program include: daily communication with parents, collaboration with outside agencies, positive reinforcement through the 3-tier Motivation System or alternative reward systems, focused academic instruction, individualized education plans, behavioral intervention, consistency, and teaming.  Students are integrated into the general education setting to the maximum extent possible, with support as needed from the I.S. staff.

SED Team Includes:

Kaili Young MA. (SED teacher)

Erica Rezendes, MSW

Jennifer Thomason, School Psychologist

Donna Miller (SED Paraprofessional)

Laura Schmutzer (SED Paraprofessional)