Blevins Middle School

It's All Good in the Neighborhood

Welcome to Blevins Middle School!

Blevins Middle School Mission Statement

Blevins Middle School will create a safe, relevant and challenging learning environment where students, staff and community collaborate to help all students achieve their highest potential.

Academic Environment

At Blevins, we offer an alternating block schedule that provides more in-depth instructional time in academic classes, extended lab, and experiential learning.

Learning Culture

Blevins strives to create a safe, relevant, and challenging learning environment where students, staff, and community collaborate to help all students achieve their highest potential. With our Normative Education Project, "It's All Good in the Neighborhood", Blevins endeavors to reflect the positive behaviors of students in our community (academic achievement, respect, and positive healthy lifestyle choices).  Discovery, an adult/student Intervention protocol based on dignity and respect, is used consistently to help guide student/staff behavior and hold students accountable for the "6 P's" (Prompt, Prepared, Polite, PMA, Participate, Produce).

Instructional and Enrichment Programs

Students at Blevins may take academically rigorous Pre-Advanced Placement classes in grades 7–8. In addition, students may participate in the Blevins Student Leadership Team, Science Olympiad, Math Counts, Science Fair, Art Club, Silver & Burgundy Singers, Bands (beginning, intermediate and advanced), and orchestra (beginning and intermediate).

Student Achievements & Bruin Pride

Among numerous notable student achievements, Science Olympiad teams and Science Fair participants consistently place among the top teams at the district, state, national and international level. The Student Leadership Team raises funds each year for local, national, and international charities and causes.  Our highly competitive music program has been invited to CMEA and does community service throughout the year by performing at the Senior Center.

With our renewed emphasis on student achievement, Blevins has implemented Homework Help for any student that needs academic support, and mandatory study hall is a required intervention for any student unsuccessful in a core academic class.