Blevins Middle School

It's All Good in the Neighborhood


S.T.E.M. = Science Technology Engineering Mathematics

At Blevins Middle School, the STEM program takes what students are learning in the classroom and applies it to real-world situations. Throughout the year, students participate in activities, both in the classroom and during field trips, which encourage them to utilize their skills and knowledge to understand the various elements in the world around them.

S.T.E.M. Field trips

Red Fox Meadows

During this field trip, students spend time with experts collecting data at our neighborhood natural resource area (at the corner of Propect Road & Taft Hill Road) learning about Watershed Science. They use skills from all of their classes: math and science for the data collection process, as well as, time writing and recording the results of their findings. Additionally, the students collaborate with the Technology classes to create their instruments & tools.

Lory State Park

6th Graders take a trip each year to the state park for activities in geology and mapping. The skills they have learned in their math and science classes help them to work through these activities, while also incorporating writing, social studies and visual art skills to add new perspectives to the subject matter.

Discovery Museum and CSU Engines Lab

This fieldtrip takes our 8th graders out into the community to participate in a variety of workshops and activites that challenge them to pull from their knowledge in all subject matters. The students also have a chance to see the research going on at the CSU Engines Lab.

Additional STEM Opportunities:

Blevins also offers several after school activities that incorporate the STEM method:

  • Science Olympiad
  • Science Bowl
  • Lego Robotics
  • Wasson Inventor's Fair
  • Science Fair (7th & 8th Grade-research and projects done as part of the grade-level curriculum)
  • Math Counts
  • NREL Middle School Car Competition