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Gifted & Talented

Gifted & Talented

Site Coordinator: Ally Infante and Alex May

Preferred Method of Contact: email Ms. Infante at

Brief Description of Services:

For one quarter of the year, GT students will have ELO with their GT Coordinator.

During this time, work directly with GT Coordinator to work on ALP goals 2 days a week, and student-driven enrichment 2 days a week
Enrichment activities include projects, reading groups, field trips, community projects, and guest speakers
Other than the ELO, there are no core or elective classes at Blevins that are GT only; all core classes are Pre-AP; teachers will differentiate for their GT students in their classes based on their goals and needs.

Progress monitoring throughout the year

Teacher involvement

End of the year Gifted and Talented Student Showcase to share what the GT students have been working on all year and celebrate their successes

Other GT opportunities that are available at Blevins are: Science Olympiad, Math Counts, Lego Robotics, Writing Club, Chess Club, etc. We also plan to offer guest speakers, and field trips like CSU Engineering Day, the Defy Expectations Conference, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (and answers):

How does GT at the middle school level look different from the elementary level?

First of all, we won’t do very many pull out groups throughout the year except for optional field trips and guest speaker presentations. Middle school students will receive the majority of their direct contact with the GT Coordinator during the quarter that they are scheduled to have the GT ELO.

How/when will I learn about my student’s Advanced Learning Plan?

Early in the year, students will begin working with the GT Coordinators, teachers, and parents to create goals that will challenge and excite them. Final drafts of the ALP will be sent home with students in December.

How can my student be more challenged in their class(es)?

If the student needs more of a challenge or more support in anyway, they need to reach out to the GT Coordinator and/or teachers and let us know what they need. For example, if they want more rigor or to work at a faster pace in their math class, they will need to self-advocate and make requests, and then the GT Coordinators and teachers can work together to create the appropriate challenge and/or support. But students, please speak up with your needs!

What does the GT Student Showcase at the end of the year look like?

At an evening event in May, students will have the opportunity to create a presentation of their choice to show what they did for their ALP goal. Some students may choose to have a poster board or tri-fold board presentation that others can view and ask questions as necessary. Some students may choose to have a formal presentation with a prepared speech that they give to a small group in a classroom setting. Some students may have an interactive presentation in the computer lab. Other students may choose to perform on the stage. The Student Showcase allows students to show off their work in a low-pressure setting. Of course, food and raffle prizes are included at the end of the evening.

How does my student learn about and get involved in the different field trips, guest speakers, etc.?

Generally there will be announcements on the intercom, a general email that goes home to parents and students, and if any permission forms need to be signed, students will receive the form and be responsible for turning it back in on time.

How can parents get involved?

We’ve had parents get involved as guest speakers, field trip chaperones, and volunteers at the Student Showcase. If you’d like to volunteer, we would love to have you!

For further information, please contact the Blevins Gifted & Talented Coordinators: Alex May at 970-488-4037 or or Ally Infante at 970-488-4020 or

For additional information from Poudre School District regarding Gifted & Talented programs please click here.